Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome home and thank you for your service to our country! VA is ready to provide health care and more to our newest veterans returning from the armed services. Here are some of the benefits VA provides that you need to know about:

Health Care Eligibility for 5 years — Enroll for health care at any VA Medical Center or clinic for 5 years following your military separation date. When you enroll, you may start receiving your health care at the VA right away, or not - the choice is yours! Once you enroll, the VA will be available to help serve your health care needs for years to come - but you must enroll within 5 years from separation!

Dental Benefits — We provide dental examinations and benefits to veterans with service related dental conditions. You may be eligible for one-time dental care but you must apply for a dental exam within the first 180 days of your separation date. Visit the Office of Dentistry for more information.

OEF/OIF Programs — every VA Medical Center has a team ready to welcome OEF/OIF service members and help coordinate their care. Visit How Do I Get Help? for more information.

Federal Recovery Coordination Program — assists severely wounded, ill or injured recovering service members, veterans, and their families in accessing the care, services, and benefits provided through the various programs in the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, other federal agencies, states, as well as the private sector. Visit How Do I Get Help? for more information.

Primary Health Care for Veterans — We provide general and specialized health care to meet veterans' needs.

Additional Benefits — We provide additional, non-health related benefits which may include: financial benefits, home loans, vocational rehabilitation, education, and more. Visit the Veterans Benefits Administration for more information.

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