Monday, August 24, 2009

Fallen officer's name engraved into memorial

Tampa, Florida -- Fallen Tampa Police Corporal Mike Roberts' name is now among the 28 others who made the ultimate sacrifice as they tried to serve and protect. His name was added to the police memorial outside Tampa Police Headquarters Monday. [Full Story]

Tampa Police Chief Steve Hogue says the toughest thing one does as a police chief is to bury an officer.

But part of the process of burying Corporal Mike Roberts includes his family coming together with his police family, sharing hugs and tears as his name was etched into the memorial.

Hogue says putting Roberts' name on the memorial will allow generations to come know that he should be remembered as a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for his city and community.

As Roberts' widow Cynthia and his almost 4-year-old son Adam pulled off the stencil to reveal his name and the date he died, it occurred to many, including Chief Hogue, that the little boy who will grow up without a father doesn't have the full understanding of his loss.

Hogue says this is a sad day and that adds to the sorrow. On the same day Roberts' name was added to the police memorial, Tampa Police released the transmissions -- including his final one -- on the night he died. [Full Story]

Sgt. Paul Mumford was the first to arrive on the scene and in the dispatch, you can hear him scream that Robert is "10-33," meaning officer down.

Mumford says his first concern when he saw Roberts on the ground was for his fellow officer.

Although Mumford says he tried to help Roberts, there was nothing he could do and he had to deal with the suspect, who pointed an assault rifle at him.

Mumford says it is difficult to see a fellow officer in a situation like that.

The family will receive visitors at the Blount and Curry Funeral Home in Tampa on Monday night. There will be a service for him Tuesday at St. Timothy's Catholic Church in Lutz. The family will have a private burial at the National Cemetery in Bushnell.

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