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Calling All Vets And Those That Support Them

Generations of Warriors
“Vets helping Vets”


Members of the Generations of Warriors are bound together with a common bond of compassion for those grandparents, parents, brothers and
sisters who have experienced the price of sacrifice yet continue to suffer the anguish of readjustment into the society of civility, gentleness, peace
and freedom for which they fought.

Since the earliest of times there have been warriors returning to civilian life only to find that they have developed a behavior that is unacceptable in their old communities. After the Civil War in the US, the condition was called “soldier’s heart”; experiences in WWI produced “Shell Shock” and that was carried over into the WWII era; and warriors in the Pacific called it “going Asian”. It was after the Vietnam War that it came to be known as “PTSD”, post traumatic stress disorder.

To those that haven’t either been in the mental health field or to those that have been wounded in this way, it is a doubly perplexing condition to understand. Many think that it is only a result of continued bombardment or from extended close combat in the field. This is only partially true. Many more experiences contribute to the wounds. Furthermore, these wounds last for a lifetime…and don’t qualify for a purple heart. It is, for the most part, a matter of shame for those that have these wounds. There has been very little consideration of the fact that many of our heroes have these wounds and have nightmares, night sweats, isolation from others, unexpected outbursts of anger, a lack of concentration abilities, depression/anxiety, etc. that hinder their abilities to adjust to civil societies. They impede their education. Friends are few and far between. Marriages and relationships are many…and often fail.

You would be shocked to know how many returned veterans have “holed up” in their homes after their returns and have never come out except for the bare essentials and often those are retrieved late at night. There are many that live in the woods in bare shelters such as in the Olympic Peninsula of Western Washington State or in the hills of Southern Oregon. Most of you are only familiar with reports of the Veterans on the streets that are homeless of the crazies that are incarcerated for their anti-social behavior.

The costs because of this problem are great. Broken families and lost fathers or mothers make it to the top of the list. Generations of instability and lost opportunities result from these problems. Something should be done now that we have the means to treat these wounded.

Veterans often talk of their issues only with other trusted vets, if at all. Most never do, or if they do, it’s very cursory. Crazy. Weak. Soft. These are traits at odds with a warrior. Some hear, ‘Why don’t you just get over it?” from the uninformed. It’s a destructive but understandable remark when one considers the lack of information out there regarding the wounds.

Generations of Warriors is determined to put a dent in that field of the uninformed. Making a warrior’s return to civil society a more gentle experience is one of our main goals. If the families, employers and employees, the judges and police forces, friends and general public can know more about the nature of the wounds and the severity of the conditions that these veterans face, it will go a long way toward lessening the re-adjustment and coping problems.

Because families are the worse for wear in these matters, and returning warriors often find themselves alone, “Never Without Family” has become our motto. The families formed within therapy groups help to strengthen the families in society at large.

Spencer Oland
Benton City, WA

How You Can Help,..

First and for most we need to get everyone on the same page,.. there is so many Vet's, Service Members, Military Families, Organizations, and regular civilians out there that really wants to see our Vet's get what they need, however the problem is, that we're all scattered about everywhere. I do believe one person can make a difference, however pulled together we can make an Impact !!! Can you just imagine the impact we all can have gathering together in the thousand's. I know not all of us are able to gather in DC, but it goes much further than that. It is Americans standing up and asking what can they do as an individuals to help a Vet out. That's where i Really, Really need your help. I am contacting everyone that I humanly can and asking them to join in for this project/event, however there is thousands across America. This is where you come in,...

I am asking you to please take initiative and spread this around like wild fire !!! Contact those in your local communities via e-mail, phone, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and word of mouth.

Spencer and many other Veteran's is planning to make 5 stops throughout Washington and 3 more stops on his way to his final destination of D.C. The locations is still being determined at this time. We have many calls to make to set up locations and what nots. We are asking for anyone who would like to assist in this project/event to contact us. There is much to be done in planning this momentous event and we need All the help we can get.

HUNTER ORANGE will be the color to let others know of your support. Caps will be available. We'll want a blanket of orange to cover the fields of the memorials, etc. Wear your own group colors but please wear the orange cap or bandanna.

America let's show our Vet's that they are important to us and that we care and they have Not been forgotten !!!! It is long Over-Due. They need our help,..They need our support,..PLEASE let's give it to them.

If you'd like to partake or have any questions you can contact me at

Also I ask that you please visit and show your support by leaving him a comment. He has written many aricals that gives such insight and much can be learned.

Shout Out,...

Many wounded veterans won't have the cash to make this trip so those of you that are interested in helping them can consider sending prepaid gas cards to help:

Generations of Warriors Project
1551 NE 12th St
Benton City, WA

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this Clipper, We are starting to get some volunteers and supporters now,.. still needing many more though, but its off to a great start !!!