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SGT Darrin K. Potter September 29, 2003 R.I.P

SGT Darrin K. Potter September 29, 2003 R.I.P

I had the honor of serving with SGT Potter so I figured I would put a tribute to him on this page since he was attached to Camp Bucca.

On a dark night in September 2003 SGT Potter was in a Hummer apprehending an insurgent who tried to hit his hummer with a mortar. So the vehicle he was in overturned in a canal. Before he could get out he made sure his troops could get out before him. Unfortunately he could not get out of the vehicle and drowned.

From the few times that I met SGT Potter he was a very fun, caring, looking out for everyone type of person. He always had a smile on his face.

The company SGT Potter was a part of is the 223rd MP Co which falled under my Battalion. The 724th MP BN was the company I was with. I remember the day I found out about the drowning. I was a cook and would go over to the 223rds cooks tent to see if they wanted to watch a movie or anything like that. Then they told me the horrible news and said they did not want to watch anything which I said oh I understand. The first thing I though was he was very good friends with a member of the BN I was with as well. She was home on leave when it happened. I was like oh man I feel so sorry for her to find out about this while on leave. I also remember going to his memorial service at Camp Bucca & the way his CPT spoke about him. He thought so high of him he was one of the best NCO's of the whole company.

So in conclusion I had the honor of serving with SGT Potter and will always think of him on September 29th and remember where I was when I found out. If we all could keep his family in our minds this month as it has to be hard for them. Let's make sure his memory never goes away as he was a great person who looked out for others.

Here are some websites about his legacy.

This is a very nice site with tributes to SGT Potter. I totally agree with what everyone is saying on this board.

Gone but not forgotten.
SGT Potter a true american hero.

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